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Faculty of International Relations and pre-tertiary education
Plan of Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities

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Dean - Alexander Pashkevich candidate of technical sciences. docent

Tel.: 8 02233 79654);

Secretary - Ligarova Irina. Tel.: +375 2233 79654;

Specialist - Kumacheva Elena. Tel.: +375 2233 79654;

International office

Head of international office - Naskova Svetlana, docent, candidate of philological sciences

Tel.: 8 02233 79664;

Specialist - Savchenko Natalia. Tel.: +375 2233 79654

Specialist in passport-visa regime. - Savelieva Iryna. Tel.: +375 2233 79664;

Interpreter - Oreshko Ekaterina. Tel.: +375 2233 79664;

Main activities

Recruiting foreign students to study in the BSAA;

Signing of cooperation agreements with foreign universities, universities of Russia and CIS countries.

Assistance in the organization of and participation in international conferences, seminars and other international events;

Ensuring student participation in international events, organizing practices and student exchange;

Participation in international programs and exhibitions.


BSAA is involved in international educational and scientific programs, projects such as the Baltic University Programme, DAAD (Germany), German Peasants' Union (Germany), the Bavarian Peasant Union (Germany), Apollo (Germany), Doyla - Ninburg ( Germany), the American program "Farmer - Farmer" in the CNFA, Staddeks (Germany), Erasmus.

A brief history

Belarusian State Agricultural Academy has a wealth of experience in the field of international cooperation, the beginning of which can be traced to 1848. Almost from the moment of setting up Gory-Gorki agricultural institute, there was a need to learn foreign languages to be able to analyse agricultural achievements in European countries. The first scientists who were sent abroad were Sovietov, Stebut I.A, Bazhanov A.M etc. From here actually starts international activities Gory-Gorki agricultural institute.

In 1962 the first foreign students came to study at the academy. Section of Russian as a foreign language was established at the Department of Foreign Languages. The section was headed by Kamco L. A. In 1974 the dean's office for foreign students was organised. In 1977 the preparatory department for foreign students was created. At different time deans were: Kovalev P.A. - 1974-76, 1981; Zemlyakov V.K. - 1976-1978; Suchkov K.P. - 1978-1980; Belchik S.A. - 1981-1991; Klotchkov A.V. - 1991-1993; Kartashevich A.N. - 1993-1995, Noskova S.A. - 1995-2012.

During its history the preparatory department gave knowledge to more than 1,700 foreign students from 83 countries, and diplomas of the BSAA received more than 700 people from 58 countries. Many of our foreign graduates achieved significant results in the political and economic spheres of the countries.

On 1 September 2012 the Faculty of International Relations and International Students was reorganized into the Department of International Relations and. pre-tertiary education

The Faculty of International Relations and Pre-access training includes international office, dean's office, Department of English, German, Russian and Belarusian languages.

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