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Information for foreign students


Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Belarussian state agricultural academy

The faculty of International relations and foreign students

The Belarussian state agricultural academy, founded in 1840 is one of the most distinguished universities in the Republic of Belarus. It has a student population of around 15,000 and a large international community of students from different countries. The academy is made up of 9 faculties providing full-time and correspondence courses. Teaching is carried out by 600 lecturers including 54 Doctors of Sc. and professors and 300 Candidates of Sc. and Docents.

Belarussian state agricultural academy offers the following courses:

  • Undergraduate courses in

    • Agronomy. Specialties and specialisations: agronomy; production, storage and processing of farm produce, plant breeding and seed production; meadow cultivation.
    • Agri-ecology. Specialties and specialisations: agrochemistry and soil science; horticulture; plant protection and karantine; agroecology; landscape-gardening.
    • Animal science. Specialties and specialisations: biotechnology and animal breeding; zootechnique; farm and industrial fish breeding; poultry breeding; industrial pork production.
    • Farm mechanization. Specialties and specialisations: farm mechanization; agri service; mechanization of land improvement works.
    • Land improvement and construction. Specialties and specialisations: land improvement and water supply; rural construction and rural management.
    • Land use planning. Specialties and specialisations: land management; land cadastre; geodesic support of cadastre and land management).
    • Economics. Specialties and specialisations: economics and management of agri-enterprises; world economics,, economic cybernetics, business administration.
    • Accounting. Specialties and specialisations: accounting, analysis and audit in agro-industrial complex; finance in agro-industrial complex.
    • Business and Law.Specialties and specialisations: legal relations in business, marketing in agro-industrial complex, commerce.

  • Master courses

    • Economics and management
    • Accounting, statistics
    • Management in social and economic systems
    • Ecology
    • Land improvement, recultivation and protection
    • Technologies and farm mechanization.

PhD courses
Preparatory course:
Tuition fee: 1200 USD a year
Accommodation 180 USD a year
Compulsory medical insurance – 86 euro
Medical check – 75-85 USD
There are three directions at the preparatory course: economic, biological, engineering

Undergraduate course:
Tuition fee
1600 USD plus 180 USD hostel accommodation
Compulsory medical insurance – 86 euro
Primary medical check – 75-85 USD

Master course:
Tuition fee
1600 USD plus 180 USD hostel accommodation a year .
Compulsory medical insurance – 86 euro
Primary medical check – 75-85 USD

PhD course:
Tuition fee - 1600 USD
Accommodation - 180 USD a year.
Compulsory medical insurance – 86 euro
Primary medical check – 75-85 USD

Immigration registration - about 600.000 belarusian rubles (US $50-60).

If you want to apply to the Belarussian state agricultural academy it is necessary to submit the following papers via e-mail, fax or by post:

  1. Application form for invitation addressed to Dean;
  2. Certificate on education (copy of the original or a legally verified copy) and a list of studied subjects and received grades;
  3. Passport (copy of the original or a legally verified copy).

Facilities On campus there is a students’ restaurant, a number of cafes. Besides, students can cook themselves in the kitchens of hostels. According to our estimates living expenses are about US $250-300 a month.

REMEMBER: You must bring with you the following papers:

  1. 5 photos,
  2. copy of invitation,
  3. the legally verified copy of your birth certificate,
  4. secondary school certificate with grades in the original as well as a legally verified copy and a list of studied subjects and received grades,
  5. the legally verified copy of your passport and its original,
  6. the medical check from your country.

All copies of documents must be translated and legally verified.

Our Address:
5, Michurine street
213410 Gorki, Mogilev region
Republic of Belarus
Tel/fax: 375 2233 7-96-64
e-mail: fms_baa@mail.ru

 Дневное отделение 
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