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Получить приглашение на обучение

Admission requirements for foreign citizens In order to get an invitation you must do the following: :

1. Send via fax, e-mail, social networks or download from our website the following documents:

a passport copy (as a rule it is a page with a photo) with personal information (your family name and first name written in Latin letters, number of passport, period of its validity, name of the country) and their translation into Russian attested by a notary;

copies of education certificates (which certifies getting by you secondary or higher education), and their translation into Russian attested by a notary;

an application with a request to send an invitation for entry to the Republic of Belarus with the aim of studies. download.

2. Wait for an official invitation.

An invitation for studies is sent to the applicants if a decision is positive. You can get necessary help in getting entry visa in consular departments of the embassies in the Republic of Belarus or Russian Federation in your country.

3. Address (if it is necessary) to the Belarusian consulate with a request to open a study visa.

An invitation is sent to the consular departments of the Republic of Belarus in that country where an applicant lives. You can specify the addresses of the consular departments of the Republic of Belarus and presence of your invitation on website or you can contact the academy on the phones: +375 223 37 96 69; +375 223 37 96 64, via e-mail or in social networks.

A visa is free of charge!!!

4. To buy a ticket to Belarus.

You can order a ticket on the airline’s "Belavia" website or others'.

Application deadline is October 15th .

We recommend you to arrive at the BSAA before classes begin. A full-time course classes begin on 1 September.

Attention!!!!!! Before your flight contact us on the phones in Belarus: +375 223 37 96 69; +375 223 37 96 64, via e-mail or social networks and find out the possibility to meet you at the airport or at the station.


!!! Within 3 working days after arrival in Belarus you need to register. You can find us on the following address:

City of Gorki, Timiryazev street, 4 study building, 3 floor (dean’s office of international relations and pre-tertiary education).

If you didn’t get the answer to your questions or want to have more information, use the form of back communication (write a letter, make a telephone call) and we’ll contact you.

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