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International activity

The first foreign students from Cuba, Hungary, and Vietnam were admitted by the BSAA in 1962. In 1974, the dean's office was created to work with foreign students. And in 1977, a preparatory department for foreigners was created. The Faculty of International Relations and Pre-University Training was established on September 1, 2012 through the merger of the Faculty for International Relations and Work with Foreign Students and the Faculty of Pre-University Training and Career Guidance.

For more than half a century of training foreign citizens, tens of thousands of representatives from more than 83 countries of the world have successfully mastered the training program. Among foreign graduates there are ministers, university rectors, diplomats, academics, and heads of organizations who have achieved significant results in the political and economic activities of their countries.

Currently, the Academy trains more than 400 students from 11 countries (Turkmenistan, China, Mongolia, Latvia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine).

Foreign citizens study according to educational programs of different levels: language courses; preparatory department; I stage of higher education (bachelor degree); II stage of higher education (magistracy); graduate school.

The department of international relations and pre-university training includes a department for international cooperation and the department of linguistic disciplines. Students are trained by highly qualified teachers with extensive experience working with foreign students. The faculty members prepared several dozens of educational and teaching aids in various disciplines, published monographs and collections of scientific papers, published several hundred articles and other scientific materials. The faculty has specialized classrooms for teaching foreign languages, including Chinese. Teaching is conducted in Russian and Belarusian languages. The following foreign languages ​​are taught: English, German, French and Russian for foreign citizens.

The Center for Chinese Language and Culture offers a study of Chinese for students and teachers of the academy, conducted by a volunteer teacher from China.

The dean's office coordinates all work with foreign students and aims to assist in carrying out work aimed at the successful implementation of the curriculum and discipline, to enhance the participation of foreign students in the educational, scientific life, to educate in the spirit of humanism, friendship and peace among nations, to address cultural and domestic issues.

The development of international relations is one of the priority strategic objectives of the Academy. In order to activate the organizational, technical and informational and methodological support of the BSAA to integrate the academy into the international educational space, in May 2014, a department for international cooperation was established. It provides information and organizational assistance to students and teachers to participate in international events; organizes the practice and study of students abroad; provides development and participation in international projects and exhibitions; develops cooperation agreements with universities in the near and far abroad.

To date, more than 100 inter-university cooperation agreements have been signed with such countries as Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Thailand, Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, and others. Relations with educational and scientific institutions of China, with which four agreements about cooperation have been signed, are strategic.

Due to the extensive international relations of the Academy, teachers and staff annually participate in international educational and scientific programs, such as DAAD (Germany), German Peasant Union (Germany), German Bavarian Union (Germany), Doyle-Nienburg (Germany), (ITEC) Indian program of technical and economic development, Mashaw (Israel), internship program of the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Goethe Institute, Summer university courses and summer schools, Community Communication Program (USA), etc.

For many years, BSAA has fruitfully cooperated with universities in Poland: the University of Warmia-Mazury in Olsztyn, the Western Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, the Krakow Agricultural Academy, the Agribusiness Graduate School in Lomza.

Much attention is paid to overseas internships of the faculty of the Academy, as well as participation in international conferences, symposia, Summer schools, round tables. Employees of the Academy underwent internships at universities, training centers and scientific institutions of the Russian Federation, Israel, Germany, China, Poland, India, Finland, Latvia, Austria, the Czech Republic, and the USA.

The Academy accepts internships for foreign citizens, holds international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, teleconferences and other events with the participation of colleagues from Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Israel, China, Vietnam, Serbia, the USA and other countries.

The development of student mobility is carried out mainly due to the organization of production practices of students in Germany, as well as the training of students and undergraduates in foreign partner universities in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy under the Erasmus+ program during one semester.

The international activities of the Academy include the implementation of international projects implemented under various programs of international technical assistance, as well as mobility programs. Currently four such projects are being implemented.



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