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Zoo Engineering Faculty

The history of training specialists for animal husbandry in our republic is connected with setting up of the Zootechny faculty in 1930 which was renamed in Zoo Engineering Faculty in 1975. Throughout its history the faculty trained over 7.5 thousand highly qualified specialists.

Dean of the faculty is Nikolai Gavrichenko, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, professor.

Today the faculty offers undergraduate courses in zootechny (with qualification "zoo engineer") on specializations: biotechnology and breeding, poultry farming, industrial pig production; industrial fish breeding (with qualification "engineer-technologist"). All the courses are professionally relevant, which means that graduate students are ready for the workplace.

Full-time programmes take four years six months to complete, and are based on a modular structure. Exception is integrated university-college course. Because of the professional nature of the previous training, there are “fast-track” programmes which take two years 10 months to complete.

By providing excellent facilities and dedicated professional staff the faculty aims to produce real professions. A degree in animal science prepares students for a broad range of employment opportunities, such as agricultural companies of various forms of property, producing and processing both plant and animal produce, in research institutes, universities, colleges and vocational schools.

The faculty consists of 7 departments which offer an opportunity to apply animal biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and other life sciences to the study of animal breeding and genetics, nutrition, physiology, growth, behavior, and management, zoo hygiene, ecology and microbiology; ichthyology and fish breeding.

Along with undergraduate course, the faculty offers master, PhD and Doctor Courses. Dissertations in animal sciences in two specialities are defended in academy’s Scientific Dissertation council. A key feature of our expertise lies with the stuff which is experienced in industries related to the programmes as well as being academic experts in their fields. Teaching is carried out by approximately 50 teachers, including over 10 Doctors of Sciences, professors, 30 Candidates of Sciences, docents.

The facilities of the faculty are improving every year. The faculty is provided with well-equipped laboratories, which include a laboratory of applied endocrinology, veterinary and biotechnology and the laboratory of milk quality control, poultry laboratory, aqua- and micro biological laboratories, a laboratory of hygiene. Students are encouraged to take part in scientific research.

The faculty has become a large scientific centre. Scientific research is carried out at seven departments and is aimed at farm animals breeding, maintenance and reproduction.

In order to get some experience in the branch of animal husbandry annually students go to the near and far abroad countries, such as Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland and others.

At present the faculty is optimistic about its future, and it is committed to improving graduates skills, developing animal science and rendering further assistance to the rural industry.


Michurin street 5, 213407, Gorki, Mogilev region

Dean’s office of the Zoo engineering faculty

Tel.: +375 2233 79678

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