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Farm Mechanization Faculty

The Farm Mechanization Faculty was set up in the academy in 1947 and laid the foundation of higher education in the field of farm mechanization in Belarus.

Dean of the faculty is Alexandr Rudashko, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor.

At present the faculty provides training in three specialties: "Maintenance and Engineering Support of Farm Production", "Maintenance and Engineering Support of Land Reclamation and Waterworks", "Agro service". Graduates majoring in the first two specialties get an engineering qualification, and those majoring in the third specialty get a qualification of an engineer-manager.

The Farm Mechanization Faculty is one of the largest in the academy, comprises 11 departments: Physics, Theoretical Mechanics and Engineering Graphics, Technology of Metals, Tractors and Automobiles, Agricultural Machinery, Reclamative and Civil Engineering Machinery, Vehicular Maintenance, Mechanization and Practical Training, Mechanization of Farm Animal Production and Electrification of Agricultural Industries, Technology and Organization of Mechanized Work in Crop Production, Life Safety Fundamentals. Besides, the faculty has a training ground and training workshops.

At present the staff of the faculty comprises 10 Doctors of Sciences and professors as well as 59 Assistant Professors and Candidates of Sciences.



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