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Faculty of Land Reclamation and Construction

The Faculty of Land Reclamation and Construction is the oldest structural subdivision of the academy. On the territory of Belarus the faculty was the first educational institution to train highly qualified specialists in the field of land reclamation and has a rich history and long-term traditions.

History of the faculty:

  1. In 1919 cultural-technical faculty was organized. Later the same year it was given a new name – Engineering and Land Reclamation Faculty.
  2. In 1955 the correspondence education was organised at the faculty.
  3. In 1962 training of specialists in the field of land reclamation for countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America began.
  4. In 1993 a related specialty “Rural Development and Area Planning” was started.

At present the faculty trains highly qualified experts for the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Belarus in two specialties: "Land Reclamation and Water Management and "Rural Development and Area Planning". After receiving diploma on specialized secondary education there is a possibility to be admitted to a short course of training in these two specialties.

Specialists with these qualifications have a wide range of career options opened to them. After graduation they work in state inspections and environmental agencies; carry out reconstruction and maintenance of land reclaiming systems; are engaged in planning, development and improvement of rural settlements as well as designing and maintenance of civic and farm buildings, facilities and structures, intrafarm engineering services and water supply systems.

During its existence more than 5000 qualified specialists have been trained. Among the faculty alumni there are famous production managers, prominent scientists, engineers and technical workers, for example Sergei Turko, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, general director of a unitary republican enterprise "Scientific and Practical Center of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in potatoes, fruit and vegetables growing"; Nikolay Vahonin - head of a unitary republican enterprise "Institute of Land Reclamation of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus"; Anatoliy Lihatsevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, an outstanding scientist in the field of irrigation land reclamation; Yuriy Mazhayskiy, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, a famous scientist in the field of ecology of reclaimed agrilandscapes; Georgiy Gulyuk, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, a famous scientist and a great specialist in the field of land reclamation in Russian Federation and many others.

At present there are 5 departments at the faculty: the Department of Land Reclamation and Water Management, the Department of Hydrotechnical Constructions and Water Supply, the Department of Water Conservation Systems Construction and Operation, the Department of Rural Construction and Area Planning. The teaching staff includes 4 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, 25 Candidates of Sciences and Associate Professors.

Undergraduate students of the faculty are offered work placements in leading land-reclamation and construction organizations; in the unique Augustaw canal reconstruction project; they gain relevant work experience in the Komi Republic where they get involved in recultivation of land contaminated with petroleum products.

Experimental study-irrigation complex "Tushkovo-1" is the pride of the faculty, equipped with new land reclamation machinery.

The scientists of the faculty are actively engaged in international collaboration with higer educational establishments and research organizations of land reclamation among CIS-countries.

The faculty has scientific-pedagogical schools, a Master's degree programme and a PhD course in specialty "Land Reclamation, Recultivation and Protection of Land".

It has become a good tradition to hold a professional contest "Land reclamation and water management" in which students of land reclamation faculties from Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus traditionally take part. The contest is held every year through the sponsorship of the faculty.

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