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The Faculty of Business and Law

On November 1st, 2002 Business and Law Faculty was formed through the reorganization of the Economic faculty.

There are 5 departments at the faculty: the Department of Agribusiness; the Department of State and Law History; the Department of History and Cultural Sciences; the Department of Marketing; the Department of Law.

More than 680 students including over 200 foreign study at the faculty at present.

Training of specialists is conducted in the following specialties:





Term of Study


1 - 24 01 02 "Science of Law"

1 - 24 01 02 07 "Legal Groundwork for Business"


5 years


1 - 26 02 03


1 - 26 02 03 09 В«Marketing in Agro-Industrial Complex»

Expert in Marketing-Economist

4 years


1 - 25 01 10

"Commercial Activities"

1 - 25 01 10 17 "Commercial Activities in Agro-Industrial Complex"


4 years


1 - 26 80 01

"Management in Social and Economic Systems"


Master in Management and Economics

1 year


Dean of the faculty is N. Glushakova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor.

The teaching staff consists of qualified specialists highly experienced in teaching as well as in practical and scientific work. 67 teachers work at the departments: 5 Professors, including 3 Doctors of Sciences, 18 Associate Professors.


Research is carried out in the following directions:

At the Departments of Agribusiness and Marketing:

  • methods, models and measures to improvement management of investment activities in agro-industrial complex;
  • mechanism and models of cooperation and integration in agro-industrial complex;
  • models of multifunctional village development through business activity;
  • business-planning of modern production technologies;
  • ways of effectiveness of sales increase of an enterprise;
  • market mechanisms of marketing environment functioning in agro-industrial complex;
  • creation of marketing strategy of an enterprise;
  • improvement and use of marketing technologies in the activities of national enterprises;

The staff of the Departments of Law, State and Law History, History and Cultural Sciences does research in the following directions:

  • history of formation and development of agrarian science and education in Russia and Belarus;
  • the role of local authorities in regulation of land relations;
  • legal regulation of economic activities in agro-industrial complex. 

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