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Agronomy Faculty

The Agronomy Faculty was established in 1919 on the basis of Goretsky Agricultural Institute. But the beginning of agronomical education at the higher courses of Gory Goretskaya agricultural school (later the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy) refers to 1842. Training of agronomists with higher education in Gory Goretsky Agricultural Institute – the first agricultural higher educational establishment with the rights of a university in Russia – began in 1848.

Description of the activity. Theoretical and practical training of future specialists is provided according to the modern tendencies of agrarian development. There are 6 departments at the Agronomy Faculty. They are the Department of Crop Production, the Department of Crop Farming, the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, the Department of Storage and Processing of Plant Production, the Department of Botany and Plant Physiology.

The faculty trains specialists in the following specialties:

Specialty Code



Term of study, years

1-74 02 01




1-74 02 01

Agronomy (short course of training)



1-74 02 02

Selection and Seed production



Dean of the faculty is Potapenko M.V. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor.

The academic staff includes 48 teachers, including 5 Professors, 43 - Associate Professors, senior teachers, assistants.

Graduates are employed in agricultural organizations, agro-industrial cooperatives, farm enterprises, in management of agro-industrial complex, in scientific institutes. They can successfully take positions of chief agronomists, agronomists - inspectors, agronomists - consultants, agronomists of farm enterprises and departments and laboratories of scientific and research establishments, in administrative bodies of agro-industrial complex.

At the faculty there are 4 research laboratories with modern equipment.

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