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Faculty of Accounting

The BSAA has been training accounts since 1958. The Faculty of Accounting as a separate faculty was created in 1966. Today there are more than 700 full-time students.

All the students of the faculty regardless of their specialty receive fundamental training in the fields of economics, accounting and audit, finance, statistics, information technologies, and also study humanities.

Much attention is paid to research of students: scientific circles function, competitions and conferences are held; student scientific works are evaluated at national and international competitions, student articles are published in scientific journals.

Students undergo practical training in the organizations of agro-industrial complex of various forms of property, in control and inspection organizations, financial institutions and banking system.




Term of Study

Accounting, Analysis and Audit

Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Agro-Industrial Complex


4 years, according to the short course of training - 3 years

Finance and Credit


Finance and Credit in Agro- Industrial Complex



4 years

Accounting, analysis and audit is a traditional, prestigious specialty, which is in demand on the market. Graduates, who receive this specialty, have the skills to solve economic, accounting and analytical, financial and management problems.

Finance and credit is a popular, relatively new for us specialty. Curricula are focused on the training of specialists, who are good at the modern banking technologies and know the specifics of financial and credit, accounting and analytical activities in the organizations of agro-industrial complex.

Dean of the faculty is Natalia Velikoborets, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor. 

Information about the academic staff of the Faculty of Accounting



Associate Professors

Senior teachers







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