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Scientific research

Vice rector for correspondence education is Kolesneva Elena Petrovna. docent. candidate of economic sciences

Tel. (fax): +375(0)2233/7-94-74 
E-mail: zo_bgcxa@tut.by

Correspondence studies include three faculties:

Engineering faculty

Dean - Prokopenkov Dmitry, docent, candidate of agricultural sciences

Tel. (fax): +375 (0)2233 -7-97-20


Biological faculty

Duktov Vladimir. docent, candidate of agricultural sciences

Tel. (fax): +375  (0)2233-7-97-16


Accounting Faculty


Petrakovich Anna . docent, candidate of economic sciences

 Tel. (fax): +375  (0) (02233)7-97-12


Engineering faculty offers courses in Land reclamation and water resources, rural construction and territory management, agri service; land use planning

Biological faculty offers courses in agronomy, ecology, zootechny, industrial fishery.

Accounting faculty offers courses in accounting, finance  in agri-industrial sphere, commerce in agri-industrial sphere, marketing in agri-industrial sphere, economics in agri-industrial sphere, law.

New students can apply to the correspondence course each year from November 1-st to30-th.

Entrance exams are held in December.

Non-citizens of the Republic of Belarus are only interviewed.

For more detailed information you can apply to:
Р•-mail: zo_bgcxa@tut.by

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